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Copywriting Solutions For The Overwhelmed Business Owner or Marketing Agency

We’re Bill & Norlela Grover, full-time freelance copywriters specializing in direct response sales copy for a variety of B2B industries.

Do men and women think differently when it comes to making a buying decision? Even if they reach the same conclusion, they see the problem or opportunity from different perspectives. That’s why it pays to see your product or service from both points of view, and when you hire us, you get both perspectives plus experience.

3 Reasons Grovers Freelance Copywriters Increase Income for Your Business

By hiring us to communicate your sales messages can increase your income three ways.

Save Time and Spend It Running Your Company

The “Time is Money” cliché is still true. To write effective copy takes time and experience. You need to run your business, not worry about what to say and how to say it. We are AWAI-trained sales copywriters who have written for businesses in ten countries. We will write effectively in any medium you wish to use from print to digital.

Spend Less for a Greater ROI

Why hire a full-blown agency when all you need is the writing? At Grovers Copywriting, we handle the writing tasks for a fraction of what an agency will charge for the same service. You get the same results for less money.

Generate More Sales with Better Writing

When your sales message is clear, concise and written with a minimum of confusing biz-speak or jargon, your customers immediately understand what you do and why they should do business with you.

As professional freelance copywriters, it is our job to see that your promotional materials convey your message to your prospects. We use everything in our writing arsenal from benefits to the right emotions to answer your prospect’s objections and make the sale.

3 Types of Business People We help

  1. Entrepreneurs, Small to Medium Business Owner – Are you a sole-owner or company without a marketing manager? Let us be your “On-Call” professional freelance copywriters. Your website content, landing pages, email series and any other sales message will resonate with your target audience in both tone and emotion.
  2. Advertising Agency Owners and Account Managers – Whether you are short staffed, need a new perspective or different writing approach, we can fill in even on a short notice. You can keep your clients happy with professional copy that sells.
  3. Marketing Communications Directors – Once you or your team defined the content strategy, we can write the article to suit your target audience.

Benefit Driven Sales Copy Reaches All of Your Prospects, B2B or B2C

As trained and experienced freelance copywriters that are familiar with time-testing copywriting technique, we are committed in producing result. Are you in constant need of:

  • Generating quality leads
  • Producing and delivering content on time
  • Higher web conversions and SEO
  • Better metrics for email marketing campaign

We can help.

List of Our Most Commonly Requested Projects:

  • Web copy
  • Landing pages
  • E-Mails Marketing
  • Direct Mails
  • Sales Letters
  • Brochures
  • Video scripts

Need something not on the list? Let us know. We’ve created variety of marketing materials for companies in ten countries. We can take care of your promotional materials too.

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Partial List of Companies for Which We Worked…

American Red Cross (U.S.) Admiral Broach (U.S.) SigForm Science & Health (U.S.)
Sodexo (U.S.) FlexAnswer Solutions (Singapore) B-Tray (The Netherlands)
Papa John’s (U.S.) Elopak Obeikan (Saudi Arabia) All Pumps (Australia)
Exercises For Injuries (Canada) (U.S.) Overseas Contractor Academy (Thailand)
Argosy Food Service (U.S.) Sotheby’s Real Estate (U.S.) All Pumps (Australia)
Ecotrees (Switzerland) Maloney Property (U.S.) Easiklip Hardwood Floors (Canada)

Original, effective and crisp content always delivered on time.

We will:

  • Ask the right questions to understand your audience and your mission
  • Offer copy ideas
  • Write effective, results-oriented messages
  • Deliver copy in a clear, clean, and error-free format
  • Meet deadlines and budget parameters every time

Let us save your time and help you increase your business with properly planned and written copy based on your needs and your prospect’s wants. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation and quote.

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